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July 2020 Fold 


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Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

In light of the current circumstances with the Coronavirus, 

Our newsletter will not be sent in its usual format. 

The important information that you might need in the month of July

will be in this mailing. 


Please note 

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all events are cancelled until further notice.

This includes Worship, Sunday Morning Small Group Bible Study, Young at Heart, 

Altar Guild, Martha/Dorcas, Men’s Breakfast, Council Meetings


We will be mailing and emailing our bulletins for worship.

Sermon & music videos will be sent through email on Saturday nights.


A midweek message will be sent out on Wednesday. 


Men’s Bible Studies will be sent out to the men 

on the second Saturday of the month.


Altar Guild devotions will be sent out to the Altar Guild 

on the first Wednesday of the month. 


We pray that you are all doing alright in these unsettled times.

The numbers of Coronavirus cases are rising rapidly in recent days.

Stay safe!







    The July Door opens to folks saying, "Oh my.....we have just passed the hundredth day of Coronavirus outbreak, AKA, "Lockdown", AKA, "Solitude".  Henri Nouwen, a spiritual director said, "Solitude is the "furnace of transformation."  He further says that the place of struggle is the place of retreat.  Ultimately, however (when understood rightly), it is the place of freedom.  Those in solitude can journey from terror to freedom.


     One hundred and some days ago, we were called to the place to try, as best we can, to make a life.  Many folks know that this is not a vacation - and we have been afraid.  We have no readily available spiritual director to guide us, nor do we have a former journey like this to guide us.  This is new!  


     If you're waiting for the good news, you found it.  We are not alone.  God is where we are, not in an idea setting where we would rather be.  God is with us where we don't want to be.  It is in the very midst of this struggle of being alone, being distanced from others, where we reach inward and discover that we can't do this alone.  Yes, we need communication.  There, that's better.  We say, "I can do this.  All I need is to talk to someone each day."  That only runs so far, though.  There are still the deep seated roots of who each of us are; the moments and segments of our lives no one else knows about (or probably don't care about).  


     This is where and when God comes to us.  When we are finally humbled by the solitude of the desert; when we can no longer believe we can do this alone; when we are faced with our limitations; when we are no longer our own hero, the wall comes to meet us.  God meets us at that wall, peels us off of, and away from, that structure, and says, "I am here with you."


     These moments of grace are pure.  These graces are unconditional.  They are abounding. When you find them, enjoy them with gusto!  There is no other grace as evident and powerful than when it is least expected.  Our creating and redeeming and surprising God is saying over and over again, "I love you.  You are mine.  Your are good."  Lean right into it, and see what God does next!


     May I hold the door for you?


     Pastor Housewright


     Note: more than just a couple of these thoughts came from Lucila Crena, a doctoral student in theology, ethics, and culture at the University of Virginia.  We thank her tremendously!








We thought it would be interesting if we kept in touch with each other, through articles sent in to Pastor Grant and the church office.  These articles could communicate how we are doing and what we are doing through this Coronavirus pandemic.   If anyone would like to contribute something, please do!  You can email your article to:   nancyandgrant@sbcglobal.net">nancyandgrant@sbcglobal.net    or to elcr@att.net">elcr@att.net   
We will include it in next month’s mini fold.  

The first article is from Mimi Chance:


“The ‘Pain’ demic of 2020”

   Having spent quite a bit of time on my own lately, I imagine I’m more used to being alone now, so being committed to the house has not been too bad for me, but I do miss my friends at church. Being in solitude now has given me time to reflect on my life as it’s been – learned a lot.  Some I could have done differently, but all in all, I’ve made it to 90 and a lot to tell. 

   One thing I would like to say, I would have been lost without a church home and God’s constant rearing.  I was the youngest of four, but was the one always wanting to know more about God and feeling his protection and company.

   I always asked my friends if I could go to church with them.  Although I went as a child on my own, there was always a need to know more and still is, that I will always  have  my needs and beliefs to keep me going day to day and the common Word that will always persist. 

   I pray for unity with all peoples with the same goals being shared.  

   I miss the routine and schedules and the friends I’ve bonded with and hope we can overcome all the hurt and anger that has been occurring, and a lot of it is like a game we played as a child, “follow the leader”, but most in our world of plenty shouldn’t be.  I don’t feel how anyone is being left out of anything, and respect etc. is something to be earned, “Momma” said. 

   I feel a part of something so wonderful and grows with age, and we’re blessed with a very wonderful and caring Pastor and wife.  Just continue to love one another as God meant.  Look what he gave you! Embrace it! 

Love to all,

Mimi Chance



We love you, too, Mimi!  Thank you for writing an article for us this month!





5        Gia Cantu

8        Robin Work

9        Danielle Work

13      Ron Huebner

14      Anaya Grace Peguero

17      Theresa Natividad

19      Nancy Housewright

22      Andrea Saenz

24      Patricia Delgado


We have no July anniversaries on file. 




Melvin and Thelma Schulte

Delaney South Shore Retirement Community

2605 Marina Bay Drive

League City, TX  77573



Hospitalized & recovering:

Madeleine Campbell


26D94F99-58EC-4745-9579-EC65A217F315 Redeemer Prayer List



The Family of Debbie Adams, Judy Adams, Monica Allen, Jessica AnselmentLaurie Aubin, Mariah Bell, Kenneth Bishop, Patsy Maureen Blair, Deborah Bostwick, Bill Chambles

Mimi Chance, Edna Cole, Maria Aurelia Cordova, Israel Cruz, Lucille Dailey-Metcalf

Casey A.K. Davis IV, Thomas Davis, Bobbie Dean, Parker Dixon, Lance Dromgoole

Antonio Duarte, Mary Duron, Rocky Espinosa, The Family of Jose Owen Flores, Jesus Garza, William Giddens, Manny Gonzalez, Monica Gonzales, The Family of Ruthie Goolsby

Sharon Timmerman Graves, Tamara Handerson, Steve Helmke, Priscilla Hilmers, Sue Hill, Fran Hington, Michael Holm, Olga Holten, Jon Johansen, Alex Kavlaski

The Family of Eddie League, Josh Leamons, Donna Leonard, Martha Limon, Maria M. Lopez, 

Tanzy Lopez, Nathan Maldonado, Cynthia Martinez, Pat Maxwell, The Family of Gene Mayes,

Cris McFarland, Christopher Mendoza, Phil Miller, Wallace Montalvo, Sally Musachea

Veronica Natividad, Guadalupe Ordaz, Rosa Ortiz, Bonnie Pierson, Erin Pereira, Olivia Pereira, 

Harry PodszusEsther Maurine Roberts, Cesar Rodriguez, Norma Saenz, Richard Salias,

Melvin & Thelma Schulte, Margot Noelle Sharp, Evan Smith, Roy SoraizPamela Swafford,

Larry Stormer, David Taylor, Rosie Tello, Laura Thac, Rosie Trevino, Julius Trotter,

Jyme Tyson, Carlos Villagomez, Raul Villagomez, Bonnie Walker, Oliver Walkup,

Dorothy White, Hudson Wiggins, Jimmie Wilkins, Terry & Jerry Wilkins, Nannette Zertuche.






May 2020 Fold




                                   May “Our Fold” mini-newsletter

                      Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer


In light of the current circumstances with the Coronavirus,

Our newsletter will not be sent in its usual format.

The important information that you might need in the month of May

will be in this mailing.


Please note

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, all events are cancelled through the end of May.

This includes Worship, Sunday Morning Small Group Bible Study, Young at Heart,

Altar Guild, Martha/Dorcas, Men’s Breakfast, Council Meetings


We will be mailing and emailing our bulletins for worship.

Sermon & music videos will be sent through email.


                        Coronavirus Synod Guidelines

The three bishops of Texas and Louisiana sent out a notice revealing a three-phase plan to gather again for worship.  We were told that until the following criteria is met, we will not be able to enter Phase One, "which allows churches, arenas, movie theatres, et al, may reopen, but observe strict social distancing protocols".  (There is more to Phase One but, for now, that is the gist for you and me for the present moment.)


--- 14 days of declining symptoms

--- 14 days of declining cases

--- Hospitals able to treat all patients without crises care

--- Robust testing program in place for at-risk healthcare workers, including emerging antibody testing 


"Texas and Louisiana have not yet seen 14 days of declining cases.”

"Once a community has seen 14 days of declining cases, and hospitals are not overloaded, churches may begin to meet in person, though we will need to practice extreme hygiene and social distancing.  The fellowship hall/gathering space should remain closed. We will provide recommendations for social distancing at church, along with some liturgical recommendations for the first Sunday back."


Our office manager wipes everything down on those days she and I meet (Tuesdays and Wednesdays presently). We practice social distancing.  If Nancy and I go up there to do a video, we wipe everything down, also. 

The time will come to meet again.  When that time comes, we have a lot of work to do, preparing our Sanctuary for safe distancing.  We will need to wipe down after each service.  Things will require cooperation from all of us, and working together to make this possible.  Communion will be different.  Everything will be different.  But our God remains the same.  Our church mission remains the same.   Acceptance is the key to making this happen.


Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy!   Be patient.  Be wise.  







The May door opens:

to how we can continue to keep faith and hope

when these two brilliant gifts from God

might not be readily apparent and/or at least visible.



    A couple of weeks ago, I was cruising the TV channels -- maybe something will catch my eye.  I happened across another Noah's Ark movie; one I hadn't seen before, dated 2015, starring David Threlfall.  At the point where I tuned in, Noah was sitting on a rock at the edge of his land when an angel of God appeared to Noah and told him that God wanted him to build the ark.  I know you are well aware of the story; about how he became the laughing stock of the surrounding community.  A boat in the desert - yeah, right!


    Even though there have been a number of films about Noah, what caught me was this: even when there was no proof that God had sent the messenger/angel, he kept hold.  Even though there was not one shred of proof that God made a promise, he held on.  His family refused to help him with the construction.  His wife, too, was beginning to doubt his sanity.  She asked him, "when do you expect it to rain?"  His reply, "all I know is that when the ark is completed it will rain.  That's what I believe."


    When she went back to their sons and instructed them to help their father complete his work, they asked why.  She said, "He believes in God, and I believe in him, because I love him."  The ark was completed.  Noah stared into the heavens and yelled, "Okay God.  I have done what you have asked me to do.  Now it's your turn!"  Nothing.  You know the rest of the story.  Of course, it rained.  It's all based on the gift of faith and accepting that gift.


    My friends, God offers faith and hope every day.  We awake - there it is.  What shall we do?  I can truly suggest what not to do.  We live in times of more uncertainty than we have ever imagined.  We have lived many weeks and many mornings wondering what the news reports are going to broadcast.  When will the data curve straighten out?  When will it end?  Will there be enough groceries? 


    God sent the angel to Noah, assuring him that God's word is true.  Please know, each of us, that God just might be sending you to another soul to reassure that all will come out good and pure.  It's not what we want.  Rather, it's what God wants.  Remember, too, that it's not what happens to us; it's we do about what happens to us.


    Keep faith - keep hope.  Be that angel to at least one person today.  Tomorrow? Well.....let tomorrow come and start again.  You are loved!!


Can I hold the door for you?

Pastor Housewright









Tyson MacKenzie - Clearbrook High School

Trini Saldivar - Pasadena High School

Danielle Work – Houston Baptist University School of Nursing








As we continue to find ourselves in completely unchartered territory regarding Covid-19 (one Redeemer member coined, The Twilight Zone), we are still connected through the working of the Holy Spirit, AKA, "Friend".  This Friend calls us stewards of care; the need to continue to make good use of your financial resources.  It has surely dawned on all of you that not being able to worship translates to a much lower income for Redeemer.  You are, therefore, thanked tremendously for sending your financial gifts to the church. By all reports you have done so very, very well in this endeavor.  Thank you!   Thank you!  As of the writing of this to you, we are right at the door of finalizing online giving. Please stay tuned to how this will be made available to you. 

Stay safe, muster a smile, stay faithful!





Phone number change:  Bennie Saldivar:  832-594-1577



May Birthdays

1        Bridget McCain

3        Roger Regner

9        Tyson MacKenzie

12      Eric Conover

13      Bernice Goodwin

18      Erica Saldivar

21      Brianna Luna

24      Seth  Duron

25      Jacob Garza

May Anniversaries

5/17/97     Ben & Irene Duron

5/18/57     Melvin & Thelma Schulte

5/21/77     John & Kathy Brister

5/27/06     Shannon & Bridget McCain

5/27/78     Maurice & Ruth Reynolds


Financial Report

 Donations/April 2020


Envelopes $6,671.00

Lenten Offering   $250.00

Palm Sunday Offering     $40.00

Maundy Thursday Offering     $30.00

Good Friday Offering     $30.00

Easter Offering    $190.00

Building Donation $1,600.00


GENERAL FUND      $8,811.00

Maintenance Fund     $10,490.00

Lutheran Women       $20.00


APRIL TOTAL (with Roof Donations)              $19,321.00

Needed weekly       $3,275.11

Average (4 weeks)  $2,202.75


        26D94F99-58EC-4745-9579-EC65A217F315 REDEEMER’S PRAYER LIST


The Family of Debbie Adams, Judy Adams, Monica Allen, Laurie Aubin, Mariah Bell,

Patsy Maureen Blair, Deborah Bostwick, Bill Chambles, Mimi Chance,  Edna Cole,

Maria Aurelia Cordova, Israel Cruz, Lucille Dailey-Metcalf, Thomas Davis, Bobbie Dean,

Parker Dixon, Lance Dromgoole, Antonio Duarte, Mary Duron, Rocky Espinosa,

The Family of Jose Owen Flores, William Giddens, Manny Gonzalez, Monica Gonzales,

Ruthie Goolsby, Sharon Timmerman Graves, Tamara Handerson, Steve Helmke,

Priscilla Hilmers, Sue Hill, Fran Hington, Michael Holm, Olga Holten, Jon Johansen,

Alex Kavlaski, Eddie League, Josh Leamons, Donna Leonard, Martha Limon, Maria M. Lopez, Nathan Maldonado, Cynthia Martinez, Pat Maxwell, Gene Mayes, Cris McFarland,

Christopher Mendoza, Phil Miller, Wallace Montalvo, Sally Musachea, Veronica Natividad, Guadalupe Ordaz, Bonnie Pierson, Erin Pereira, Olivia Pereira, Bettye Pipes,

Harry Podszus, Esther Maurine Roberts, Cesar Rodriguez, Norma Saenz, Richard Salias,

Melvin & Thelma Schulte, Margot Noelle Sharp, Evan Smith, Roy Soraiz, Pamela Swafford,

Larry Stormer, David Taylor, Rosie Tello, Laura Thac, Rosie Trevino, Julius Trotter,

Jyme Tyson, Carlos Villagomez, Raul Villagomez, Bonnie Walker, Oliver Walkup,

Dorothy White, Hudson Wiggins, Jimmie Wilkins, Terry & Jerry Wilkins.



If you have any changes to be made to our prayer list, or names you’d like to add,

please call or text Pastor Grant at 713-305-7133.


 Thank you






  April 2020 Fold 




     The April Door opens to the most powerful, celebrative and paramount festival of the Church: The Day of Resurrection.  I have always been awed by the strength of this festival and the power it holds centuries after Jesus rose from the dead.  More than that, however, is the faith people still hold in what this event means and how it matters.  Many folks over the vast number of years have expressed how Easter matters all the way back to the early writings of the Popes, the evangelists, Martin Luther and the reformers, writers and theologians to this day.  St Paul, in the 15th chapter of his first letter to the church in Corinth, tells us why Easter matters to every one of us, especially to everyone who makes the great decision to trust that what Jesus says is true and that what Jesus does makes all the difference.  If you and I believe that Jesus rose from the dead, we are not just believing an odd fact from two thousand years ago.  We are trusting that there is a kind of life, a kind of love and trust and joy that is the very center of Jesus' identity which is now coming to life in us.  As it comes to life, we begin to know that no amount of pressure and stress and suffering in our lives (and this includes the coronavirus pandemic) has the power to break the bond that has been created between us and Jesus' life and activity.  I need to reassure you: you are alive with a fuller and deeper life than just your own.  Your resources are more than you could ever have imagined.




     Jesus rises from the dead so as to find, not only his home in heaven, but his home in us.  He rises so that we may rise out of the prisons of illness, guilt, anxiety, self-obsession or apathy that come so close to surrounding us.  Now -- for this to happen, says St Paul, we have to go on, day after day, getting used to parts of us dying, just as Jesus died.  We have to grow accustomed to removing the beloved habits of self-serving and self-protecting so that we can be brought into the light that shines from Jesus' face.  That's why Paul says that Christians go around with both death and life at work in their lives — always trying to let the light of Jesus kill off our fears and always letting the new life that is ours shine through.




     It was still dark, says the Gospel John as he begins his story of the rising of Jesus and, at the end of the passage, we've heard he says that up to the point when the two disciples look into the empty tomb and see the folded graveclothes, they hadn't understood what the Jewish scriptures were all about.  As they go back to join the others, the dawn begins to break, and the light is rising in their minds and it's no longer dark.  John speaks this same image in the very first chapter of his gospel when we read that the light has shone in the darkness and the darkness hasn't overcome it. 




      The entire landscape of our life and our reality is enlightened by Jesus.  In this light we see who God really is; how deep his faithfulness is to us.  We see who we are, how constantly we fail, but also how passionately we are loved and valued.  We see each other, as people valued by God, and our attitudes are drastically changed.  We see the material world itself full of God's glory, demanding our reverence and care.  As we celebrate Easter, we can always be mindful that we are walking into daylight.




Happy Easter, my friends!  He is risen indeed!  May I hold the door for you?


Pastor Housewright



Please note 


Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, 


all events are cancelled through the end of April.


This includes Worship, Sunday Morning Small Group Bible Study, 


Young at Heart, Altar Guild, Martha/Dorcas, 


Men’s Breakfast, Council Meetings




We will be mailing and emailing our bulletins for worship.


Sermon videos will be sent through email.


A piano music video will be sent through email. 






As we find ourselves in completely unchartered territory regarding this serious pandemic, connected with the sorrowful lifestyle of staying away from houses of worship, it is possible to stay connected.  The term, "stewardship" can mean so much a people of faith.  It directly means that we, first of all, we can make good use of this extra time we have by calling one another through phone, email or text.  Please remind one another that they are thought of; you are concerned with how they're doing.  Ask them if there is anything their church can do for them.  Secondly, stewardship means making use of your financial resources.  It has surely dawned on all of you that not being able to worship translates to a much lower income for Redeemer.  You are, therefore, thanked tremendously for hanging on to your monetary gifts until we can meet again or mailing gift to Redeemer.  Soon, very soon, members will be given the opportunity to participate in online giving.  Your finance committee will offer you options on how to participate in this process.  Stay safe, muster a smile, stay faithful! 






Those wishing to pledge monies for the Church RoofReplacement, please send pledge to Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, 1135 Jocelyn, Houston, Texas 77023.  Please designate your pledge is for Roof Replacement.    Your pledge and help are greatly appreciated.






Wallace Montalvo


123 Winkler


Houston, TX 77087


Apt. 103


Phone: 832-929-3651




      April Birthdays          April Anniversaries


1Christian Thumann4/19Daniel and Patricia Delgado


2Dylene Garza


2Leonard (Leo) Thumann


7Rosie Bentke


8Xavier Rico


10Kathy Brister


14Maurice Reynolds


14Bennie Saldivar


15Vanessa Montalvo


16Shelly McCain


18Daniel Delgado


19Kelsey Friedemann


30Beatrice Lopez










March 17, 2020


Dear Members and Friends of Redeemer,


Grace and peace be to you from God and the Lord Jesus Christ!


http://redeemerlutheranhouston.com/55e7e76e-69eb-4ee4-96de-f255329c9efa" class="s19" style="top: 132px; left: 0px; width: 147px; height: 105px; float: left;">Redeemer has served the East End community as a place to worship for the last 93 years.  Sadly, our existence has been seriously threatened by maintenance issueswhich, unless we act soon will lead to our end.  The contributions for the last three years have not met the expense.  Costs have been cut to the point where there is nothing left to cut.  The church roof must be replaced, we are dealing with electrical problems, and an asbestos abatement is a necessity.  These challenges will cost Redeemer well over $ 100,000.00.


We are appealing to everyone who loves Redeemer to search your heart and support this cause.  As Christians we are stewards of what God has given us.  It is only right that we examine ourselves and determine what is truly important.  


All of you, as you sit down to read this, must know for sure that all giving is from the heart.  It can come from nowhere else.  This is best understood by digesting what the Apostle Paul had to say in his second letter to the church in Corinth.  We truly feel that a good perspective can be drawn by his words.  2 Corinthians 9:6-7: But I will say this to encourage your generosity: the one who plants little harvests little, and the one who plants plenty harvests plenty.  Giving grows out of the heart---otherwise, you've reluctantly grumbled "yes" because you felt you had to or because you had to or because you couldn't say "no", but this isn't the way God wants it, for we know that God loves a cheerful giver." (Translation, The Voice)


The bottom line is: if you feel you can donate any amount, please do so.  Your contribution is appreciated - you are greatly thanked in advance. 


God bless you as Redeemer desires to remain a viable ministry on Houston's East End.


 For the Finance Committee, Yours in Christ,


 David Bartholomew













August 09, 2020


WORSHIP TIMES10:30 Sunday Morning


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