The May door opens:

to how we can continue to keep faith and hope

when these two brilliant gifts from God

might not be readily apparent and/or at least visible.



    A couple of weeks ago, I was cruising the TV channels -- maybe something will catch my eye.  I happened across another Noah's Ark movie; one I hadn't seen before, dated 2015, starring David Threlfall.  At the point where I tuned in, Noah was sitting on a rock at the edge of his land when an angel of God appeared to Noah and told him that God wanted him to build the ark.  I know you are well aware of the story; about how he became the laughing stock of the surrounding community.  A boat in the desert - yeah, right!


    Even though there have been a number of films about Noah, what caught me was this: even when there was no proof that God had sent the messenger/angel, he kept hold.  Even though there was not one shred of proof that God made a promise, he held on.  His family refused to help him with the construction.  His wife, too, was beginning to doubt his sanity.  She asked him, "when do you expect it to rain?"  His reply, "all I know is that when the ark is completed it will rain.  That's what I believe."


    When she went back to their sons and instructed them to help their father complete his work, they asked why.  She said, "He believes in God, and I believe in him, because I love him."  The ark was completed.  Noah stared into the heavens and yelled, "Okay God.  I have done what you have asked me to do.  Now it's your turn!"  Nothing.  You know the rest of the story.  Of course, it rained.  It's all based on the gift of faith and accepting that gift.


    My friends, God offers faith and hope every day.  We awake - there it is.  What shall we do?  I can truly suggest what not to do.  We live in times of more uncertainty than we have ever imagined.  We have lived many weeks and many mornings wondering what the news reports are going to broadcast.  When will the data curve straighten out?  When will it end?  Will there be enough groceries? 


    God sent the angel to Noah, assuring him that God's word is true.  Please know, each of us, that God just might be sending you to another soul to reassure that all will come out good and pure.  It's not what we want.  Rather, it's what God wants.  Remember, too, that it's not what happens to us; it's we do about what happens to us.


    Keep faith - keep hope.  Be that angel to at least one person today.  Tomorrow? Well.....let tomorrow come and start again.  You are loved!!


Can I hold the door for you?


Pastor Housewright



July 07, 2020

WORSHIP TIMES10:30 Sunday Morning


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