Our Mission

THE MISSION of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Redeemer of Houston, Texas is:

To share our Lord Jesus Christ by teaching and preaching the Holy Scriptures in our worship, educational activities, bible studies and other such efforts.

We shall strive to witness the "Good News and personally live the "Good Life ".


We shall praise God by our worship, music and singing; participate in the sacraments of Holy Communion and Baptism and in the rites of confession, confirmation and marriage.

We shall care for the sick, hungry and needy of the world.

We shall share the necessities of life, as well as faith, by our actions and our prayers and praise to Almighty God through the witness of the Word of God and Sacraments.

We shall share the Word with the rest of the world by supporting Synod and national ministries.

We shall reach out, sharing our time, talents and money in a personal witness to the neighborhood and community.

We will provide instruction, training and fellowship to Christian and non-Christian alike.

We will transport, support, care, share, love and nurture as an expression of our Christian love and faith!

We will celebrate the faith we know and love at every opportunity.

(Adopted by the congregation at the second session of the 64th Annual meeting held in January 1991.)

December 09, 2023


WORSHIP TIMES10:30 Sunday Morning


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